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A new musical comedy that puts the business in show business!
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About the Show

Did you know that before Harnick and Bock wrote Fiddler on the Roof, they wrote a musical for Ford Motor Company? And before Cabaret and Chicago, Kander and Ebb wrote an elaborate show for General Electric? That’s not all!


During their heyday in the 1950’s and 60’s, industrial musicals (or "industrials” for short) were commonplace at Corporate America’s annual conferences and sales meetings. Companies like Chevrolet, Coca-Cola and Xerox spent big bucks producing Broadway-caliber shows designed to motivate and educate their employees, often times only to be seen once or twice before vanishing forever. 


This elusive sub-genre of musical theatre never got the spotlight it deserved. Until now. 


It's New York City, 1969! Tenacious songwriter Bernie Taylor finally gets a shot to make a name for herself. The catch? She'll need to write an industrial musical for Liberty Bathrooms, America’s leading toilet manufacturer. What's more, her co-writer, industrial musical veteran Peter Broman, only seems interested in salvaging his own nosediving career. When a madcap cast of characters joins the mix, the duo discovers they’ll need more than singing toilets and dancing plumbers to keep their show from being flushed down the john.


With an original book and score, this hilarious, feel-good musical reminds us to shoot for the moon, even when life deals you the can.


Introducing Don't Call Me John! — a raucous backstage love letter to industrial musicals!

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Chris Recker


Ben Moss


Tony Oblen

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